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Event Integration

Event integration creates an event framework from which IPM can ingest events from probes and integrations. IPM correlates these events with monitored entity metrics. You can also overlay events onto a time-series report to provide additional context.

Using Reports and Charts, event integration gives you the ability to determine how abnormal events impact an entity’s metrics during a specific period of time.

In IPM 6.0, only AppDynamics’s health violation events with critical severity can be pulled. These events are saved in a IPM database. If you display a Line Chart of a specific host entity using metrics, IPM pulls the entity-related events for that time period from the database and highlights them on the chart. You can turn the events overlay on or off for specific line charts.

AppDynamics’s event integration uses the configuration settings associated with the AppDynamics APM Integration to access AppDynamics’s controller to pull events. Currently, the IPM UI does not allow you to specify preferred types of violation events to download and overlay on the chart. It also does not allow you to specify different severity levels, and so forth.

Event integration helps to establish correlation information about infrastructure and events. Using events, you can tell how application performance is impacted by infrastructure metrics. You can also tell why entity metrics charts have anomalies.