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Event Advisor

The Event Advisor analytic provides a prioritized list of potentially interesting events by finding spikes, relevant performance issues, and anomalous behavior, that require attention. The resulting list is ranked by magnitude and duration. Issue events can be transferred to Trend Matcher for further analysis. Event Advisor can be used as a starting point to find the root cause of an issue. The user can cast a wide net, looking for spikes or events that may shed light on where to start looking.

In this example, we'll look for events on storage ports where buffer to buffer credits are high then use Trend Matcher to find correlating entities and events to help you troubleshoot the issue.

Running Event Advisor

  1. Start by selecting the entity type (Storage Port) and metric (% Time at Zero Transmit Credits).

  2. Select a date range to search for buffer credit events.


Understanding Event Advisor Results

Event Advisor shows you a list of entities with interesting events, sorted by their severity, with 1 being the highest severity. Drill down on an entity to view the top ten events associated with the entity and metric.


Select Trend Match to analyze the event in more detail using the Trend Matcher analytic.