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Evaluation Licenses

Wisdom Pack evaluation licenses are available for VW integrations. These licenses allow you to easily try out any integrations in your environment.

Wisdom Pack evaluation licenses are separate from, and do not affect, paid VW subscription or perpetual licenses. However, each evaluation license does add a fixed number of integration licenses to the licenses already on the appliance.

Evaluation licenses expire at a fixed date after generation of the license (not installation date). Different evaluation licenses can have different expiration dates. When an evaluation license expires, all licenses it added to the license pool are removed. Once expired, the license cannot be added to any VW platform.

You can upload multiple Wisdom Pack evaluation licenses to an appliance, but each evaluation license can be installed only once on a particular VW instance.

The type and number of evaluation licenses can be viewed on the Licensing page, accessed from the Settings tab. The Licensing table also displays the date the license was applied, the expiration date (after license generation), and the number of days remaining before the license expires.


Evaluation licenses can be applied to VW 6.7.1 or later. The licenses will continue to work after VW upgrades.

Contact your account team or Virtana Support to request an evaluation license.