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Entity Type Names

External (UI) Entity Type Names vs. Internal Entity Type Names

CSV import requires IPM internal entity type names, which are not generally visible in the IPM UI. However, you can obtain these mappings using the IPM public REST API. Please refer to API Token Management for a discussion on how to generate a token for use with the following command, which will retrieve a set of entity schemas that contain, among other things, the internal and external name of each entity type.

curl -ks -H"authorization: bearer TOKEN" https://APPLIANCEIP/api/v1/types/schemas

Replace TOKEN with your API token and APPLIANCEIP with the IP address of your Appliance/Virtual Edition. The output generated by this command looks something like this:

      "id": "VirtualMachine",
      "name": "ESX VM"

Above, you can see the mapping between an entities' external name (that which is shown in the IPM UI), the "name" attribute, and its internal name, the "id" attribute. Please note: case matters in CSV import files, so use the same case as it appears in the "id" attributes.