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Enter the GCP Values in Virtana Platform

You must connect your GCP account with Virtana Platform, so that Virtana Platform can access and process GCP data.


Support for GCP is currently an Early Access feature. It is available to all Virtana Cloud Cost Management customers. Contact your Account Representative or to enable GCP for your account.

About This Task

You need to gather the billing account ID, BigQuery dataset name, project name, and service account ID from the Google Cloud Console and enter it in Virtana Platform. So both GCP and Virtana Platform need to be open in separate browser windows.


You must have completed the tasks described in GCP Configuration Prerequisites.


  1. Open the Virtana Platform (VP) console and navigate to Settings > Integrations > Cloud Providers and click the GCP card or click Add Integration.

    The Setup New GCP Integration form displays.

    screenshot of the GCP integration setup form in Virtana Platform
  2. In a separate browser window, open the Google Cloud Console for GCP.

    The Explorer panel displays.

  3. (GCP) Select Billing from the Navigation hamburger menu, and then locate and copy the billing account ID.

    The billing account ID can be found on several different pages, including Billing management>Account management, Billing Account Overview, and My Billing Accounts.

    screenshot of 3 pages in GCP where the billing account ID can be located.
  4. (VP) Paste the copied ID into the Billing Account ID field in Virtana Platform.

  5. (GCP) Navigate to the BigQuery Explorer panel and expand the project that was created for the Virtana Platform integration.

  6. (GCP) Click on the name of the dataset you want to use for the Virtana Platform integration.

  7. (GCP) Under Dataset Info, click the Copy to Clipboard icon next to the Dataset ID.

  8. (VP) Paste the dataset name in the BigQuery Dataset... field and the project ID in the Project ID that stores the dataset field in the Setup form in Virtana Platform.

  9. (GCP) Navigate to IAM & Admin > Service Accounts and copy the email for the service account to be used with Virtana Platform.

  10. (VP) Paste the service account email into the Service Account... field in Virtana Platform.

  11. Give the integration a descriptive name and click Save.

    The new integration displays on the Cloud Provider Integrations page.

    You can edit any integration by clicking the integration name in the table.

This completes the GCP integration setup.