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Enter the AWS Values in Virtana Platform


After you have finished the configuration tasks in the AWS Console, you must complete the integration setup form in Virtana Platform.

About This Task

  • Cost Explorer and Detailed Billing Analysis are both required for billing analysis and are therefore preselected in the setup form. Additionally, Virtana Platform supports multiple AWS data sources with Cost Explorer API enabled.

  • If your AWS account implements consolidated billing, you should add linked accounts during integration setup. Linked accounts are associated with your integration's primary account. They are intended to provide performance data for each account associated with a consolidated billing account. The primary account assigned to an AWS Integration has the ability to send cost data to Cloud Cost Management.

  • This integration’s package will be automatically enabled and provisioned to your account as soon as Virtana Platform receives data from the integration.


  • During the AWS configuration, you made a note of some AWS information. You must now enter the values in the appropriate fields in Virtana Platform, depending on the configuration method you chose. You will need to enter one or more of the following:

    • S3 bucket name and Report path prefix

    • AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key

    • AWS IAM Role ARN

    If you don't have the account information needed to complete the integration, see Where to Gather AWS Account Information.


  1. In Virtana Platform:

    1. Navigate to Settings>Integrations>Cloud Providers.

      If this is the first time configuring a cloud account, you will see a page stating Configure Your First Cloud Integration.

      screenshot of cloud provider integrations page
    2. Click Add Integration and select the appropriate integration type.

    3. Optional: Enter a descriptive name for the integration instance to identify its purpose.

      If no name is given, Virtana Platform provides a unique default name.

  2. Under Cost Analysis and AWS Authentication, enter the appropriate values that you collected from AWS:

    • For Enable Detailed Billing Analysis, enter the S3 Bucket Name and Report Path Prefix.

    • If using a GovCloud account, enter the AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

    • If using the IAM Role, enter the AWS IAM Role ARN value.

    • If using Access Key, enter the AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.


    AWS integration form in Virtana Platform

  3. If you are adding Linked Accounts, enter the appropriate values that you collected from AWS.

    • For the IAM Role, enter the Name of the account and the AWS IAM Role ARN value.

    • For Access Key, enter the Name of the account, the AWS Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key.

  4. Click Save and close the form.

    The new integration now displays in the Cloud Provider Integrations list.


If you get the error "Invalid IAM role was rejected" when saving the integration, it indicates the AWS Security Token Service (STS) is inactive in ore or more regions.

Steps to check the status of each region, as well as to make a region active, can be found in AWS documentation under the section titled "Activating and deactivating AWS STS in an AWS region".

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