Email Notifications


You can create email templates with custom messaging that are re-usable across multiple policies, or simply choose CloudWisdom’s default email notifications. Read below for configuration steps.

  1. Click your Username > Notifications.

  2. Click Add Notification.

  3. Select Email for Notification Type. The following modal appears:

    New Email
  4. Choose your frequency via the Re-notify every field.

  5. Check Notify on clear if you want to be notified when the alert has ended.

  6. Click New Email to create a new email template. The following modal appears:

    Custom Notification
  7. Provide a Name for the template. A list of these show up in the Email dropdown.

  8. Provide an Email Address to send this notification to.

  9. Choose a Default or Custom Template.

    • Default: Sends a CloudWisdom pre-formatted message.

    • Custom: Allows you to customize the Subject and Body of the email.

  10. Click Test and Save.

  11. Select your template from the Email dropdown.

    Select Template
  12. Click Save.

Customization Variables

You can use the following variables to make your notification more dynamic.




The Fully Qualified Name (FQN) of the element.


The element’s unique UUID.


The location of the element.


The friendly name for the element.


The type of element (e.g, SERVER, ELB, RUBY, etc.)


The description of the event as a policy violation.


The ID of the event


The event category ( (Info), (Warning), or (Critical)).


The time (in UTC) the event occurred.


The description of the policy that generated the event.


The policy identification number.


The name of the policy.