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Editing or Deleting Credential Sets

You can edit or delete credential sets from the Credential Sets tab, accessed from an integration's Configuration page.

About This Task

  • You cannot delete a credential set as long as it is being referenced by any integration configuration.

  • If you rename a credential set, devices that use that set do not automatically update; you must manually update the configuration for each device that references the renamed credentials.

    If the credential set is still in use, you will receive a "nonexistent credential set" error when you save the integration configuration.


  • If you need to create a new credential set, see Creating and Assigning Credential Sets.

  • If you are renaming or deleting a credential set, you must manually remove or update the credential set on all associated devices.

    See Editing Existing Discovery Instances.

    When editing the credentials, select an alternative credential set, or select " - " and enter a username and password.


    You do not need to remove credentials from devices if modifying username, password, or any field other than Nickname.


  1. Navigate to the integration's Configuration page and select the Credential Sets tab.

  2. Click vw-icon-action-menu.png (Actions) for the credential set to be modified, then do one of the following:

    • Select Edit, modify the configuration, and click Save.

    • Select Delete and click OK.

    If you are modifying multiple credential sets, you can use the Bulk Edit or Import options.

  3. Save the overall configuration.


    Clicking Save on the Add Credential Set page only adds the new configuration to the Credential Sets list. For the new credentials to persist, you must save the overall configuration.

    When you save the integration configuration, the software verifies the new credential sets, checks for conflicts, ensures the selected host does not already have a credential set assigned, etc. Changes take affect immediately for all devices that reference the credential set.


Next Steps

If you are removing or replacing the credential set for a device, you must manually edit the device configuration.

Editing Existing Discovery InstancesEditing Existing Discovery Instances

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