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Editing Existing Discovery Instances

Edit a PowerMax configuration to change the Unisphere hostname or IP address, the port number, or the Unisphere username and password.


  1. From the Settings page, click Integrations in the Probes and Integrations section.

    The Integrations page displays all licensed integrations.

  2. Click View for the integration.

    The integration page displays a list of discovery configurations for the integration.

  3. Click the Name of the integration instance you want to edit.

    The Configuration tab settings display for the integration.

  4. Edit the settings and then click Save.

    • Settings and actions available on the Configuration tab:

      • device hostname or IP address

      • Description to identify your configured instance

      • IP port number (Default is 8443)

      • Username and password for Unisphere access

      • SSL certificate (optional)

      • Metrics polling interval

      • Enable/disable scheduled discovery

      • Discovery frequency

      • Discovery start time

      • Start discovery

      You can also view the Unisphere version and the previous and current collection status.


      If the Unisphere version shown on the Configuration tab is incorrect, click the Collect Configuration button to refresh it.

    • Settings and actions available on the Arrays tab:

      • Subscribe/unsubscribe a system

      • Start discovery

      You can also view details about the local and remote arrays, such as ID, model, local or remote configuration, number of directors, and subscription status.

    • Actions available on the PowerMax Directors tab:

      • Collect configuration information

        Reconnects to the Unisphere host and updates the list of Symmetrix PowerMax arrays, the list of directors, and the Unisphere version displayed in the configuration. Updates to the configuration are not persisted until saved.

      • Collect Configuration

      • Start discovery

      You can also view the director name and ID.

  5. Click Save and Start Discovery.