Edit Policies

In Optimize, policies define the optimization parameters that affect Idle Resources and Right Sizing reports. You can modify these parameters to implement greater or lesser restrictions on calculations for right sizing and idle resources. This allows you to create reports that are more customized to your environment and requirements.

About This Task

You can edit Right Sizing and Idle Resource policies from the Cost Saving Opportunities page. In the Recommendation Details table, click any badge in the Policy column. Clicking the policy badge opens the policy configuration form, from which you can view and edit the policy parameters.


If no guest diagnostic metrics are enabled, Virtana Platform cannot collect memory utilization details, so recommendations will be based on an assumed percentage. We recommend installing the CloudWatch Agent on EC2 instances to receive more accurate right sizing recommendations.


  1. Navigate to the Cost Saving Opportunities tab in Optimize and select either the Idle Resources or Right Sizing tab.

  2. Identify the compute instance for which you want to change the policy.

    Example: Select a compute instance in the Recommendation Details table on the Right Sizing tab.

  3. Scroll to the Policy column and click the badge for the compute instance.

    The policy configuration displays.

  4. Click Edit Policy, modify the parameters, and Save.

    The configuration form displays again.

  5. Verify that the policy displays the parameters you selected and close the configuration form.

    If the policy changes impact the report output, the report will reflect the changes after you save.

  6. If you are using multiple policies, navigate to Settings > Policies, select Right Sizing and drag the new policy to the desired hierarchical location in the list.

    Alternatively, you can click the Action menu to move a policy to the highest or lowest priority in the hierarchy.

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