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Edit an Unconfigured Resource Group

Virtana Platform provides unconfigured resource groups that you can edit. To configure a group, you select the account resources to include in the group, and then select the tags related to those resources. By selecting tags, you narrow the content of the group to just the resources that associated with the tags you select. This gives you a way to more precisely identify the sources of increases or decreases in your cloud spend reports.

About This Task

After the groups are configured, the data associated with the groups will display on the Overview dashboard, under Cost Details.


  1. Navigate to Settings>Policies>Resource Groups.

  2. Click any resource group name in the list.

    The Configure Resource Group side panel opens.

  3. On the Entity Assignment Rules tab, select the scope for the resource group.

    From the dropdown, select all of the CSP accounts you want included in the resource group.

    Only one CSP can be included per "scope" field. To include additional CSP accounts, you can add another rule.

  4. Select the tag that identifies the entities to be included as part of the resource group.

  5. (Optional) Click Add Rule and select additional set(s) of accounts (scope) and desired tag.

  6. Open the Results Preview tab to view the list of entities associated with the new resource group.

    This list is updated in real time, based on the choices made on the Entity Assignment Rules tab.

  7. Verify that the correct resources and entity counts display as expected.

    If the results are not what you expected, continue to add or remove accounts and tags on the Entity Assignment Rules tab until the results match your expectations.

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