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Edit a Maintenance Window

  1. From the Administration section of the Settings screen, click Maintenance Windows.

    The Maintenance Windows screen contains a grid that shows all of the currently configured maintenance windows.

  2. Identify the maintenance window entry that you want to update and click on it.

    The Edit Maintenance Window screen displays.

  3. Modify the fields that you need to update:




    User-defined name for the maintenance window.


    Calendar date for the maintenance window. Also has option to select Today.


    Time of day for the maintenance window to begin, with options listed in 15 minute increments.


    Time duration for the maintenance window.

    • Scope

      Use the Scope settings to specify which entities to suppress during the maintenance window. The All Entities radio button is the default, and suppresses alarms on all entities during the maintenance window. Select the Selected Entities radio button to suppress alarms on specific entity types during the maintenance window.

    • Recurring

      Use the Recurring checkbox to specify constraints for a monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly recurrence of the maintenance window.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Verify that the maintenance window is updated by verifying its entry on the Settings> Maintenance Windows page.