EC2 Reservation Recommendations

Avoid overbuying reserved resources with the EC2 Reservation Recommendation report. This report uses instance-hour usage data to compile multi-dimensional visualizations and provide tailor-fit purchasing recommendations to help you achieve longterm savings.


An AWS integration with Cost & Usage Reports must be enabled before using this report.

This report helps you:

  • Avoid overbuying reserved resources

  • Decide on adequate reservation types for your use cases

  • Get solid recommendations

  • Visualize your total resource usage across multiple dimensions

Visualization Options


Switch Between Views

  1. Click CONFIGURE.

  2. Choose a visualization.

  3. Click Apply.

Stacked Timeseries

Shows historical data as a stacked hourly, concurrent timeline.


Shows historical data as a general summary.

Report Table

Every report comes with a simple table of the visualized data. You can toggle ascending/descending across the columns; changes made to the table are automatically reflected in the visualization above. A CSV file containing this table can be obtained by clicking the Download button.

Configuration Options


Reservation Preference


Filter Elements


Filter Types


Other Options


Save & Send Reports

Save As

  1. Click the SAVE AS button in the navigation panel; A Save AWS Service Cost Report modal appears.

  2. Input the Saved Report Name

  3. Hit Save.



By clicking SAVE instead of SAVE AS, you an overwrite an existing report that has been loaded via the saved report drop-down panel.