EC2 Recommendations

This report compares your EC2s and utilization data to the most currently available SKU library in AWS to determine what combination would best suit your existing workload needs. You can also add optional constraints (such as CPU utilization not exceeding a particular level) to filter down recommendation results and highlight different savings opportunities. By default, this report shows your top 10 recommendations.

Visualization Options

How to Switch Between Views

  1. Click CONFIGURE.

  2. Choose a visualization.

  3. Click Apply.


Cost vs CPU


Cost vs Memory


Report Table


Filtering & Other Options

Scope of Analysis

  • Names

  • Attributes

  • Tags

Utilization Preferences

Select your preferences for resource utilization of the recommended instances according to historic usage levels

Type Preferences

  • Classes

  • Types

  • Exclusions

Save & Send Reports

To save a report:

  1. Click the SAVE button in the navigation panel; A Save AWS Service Cost Report modal appears.

  2. Input the Saved Report Name

    • At this point, you may also enable Send Daily Email notifications for this report by toggling the feature to active.

    • Emails are sent to your account email address by default, however, you can input any email address in the Send Email field.

  3. Hit SAVE.