Docker Install

  1. Copy API Key from Docker Integration

    1. From the CloudWisdom left navigation menu, select Integrations.

    2. Click the Docker card.

    3. Ensure Data Collection is enabled. A unique API key for your account has already been generated.

    4. Highlight the one-line install command from the instructions and copy them. A unique API key for your account has already been generated and included in the command line.

      Docker API Key

    The command runs a container named netuitive-agent in the background and publishes the port values to the host. It then sets the environment variable DOCKER_HOSTNAME and APIKEY to the described values. Lastly, a volume is mounted so the agent has access to the Docker API.

    Command Line Alternative

    You can also copy the line below and paste it into your command line. Ensure you replace <my-api-key> with your API key from CloudWisdom and <my-docker-host> with the desired hostname. Additional environment variables are located in the drop-down below if you’d like to include more or edit existing ones.

    docker run -d -p 8125:8125/udp --name netuitive-agent -e DOCKER_HOSTNAME="<my-docker-host>" -e APIKEY="<my-api-key>" -v /proc:/host_proc:ro -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro netuitive/docker-agent

    Environment Variables





    Changes the log level of the agent.

    -e LOGLEVEL=DEBUG would set the agent tolog at DEBUG level.


    Sets the interval in seconds at which the agent collectors run.

    -e INTERVAL=120 would set collection attwo-minute intervals.


    Sets the host name of the docker host.

    -e DOCKER_HOSTNAME="my-docker-host" would set the host name to my-docker-host.


    Sets the API key used send data to CloudWisdom.

    -e APIKEY=myapikey would set the API keyto myapikey.


    Tells the agent to ignore any environment variables set and to usea local config file.

    -e USE_LOCAL_CONFIG=true would enable this feature.


    Tells the Netuitive StatsD agent whatUDP port to listen on. 8125 is the default.


    Enables forwarding from the netuitive-statsd server to anotherStatsD server.


    Tells the Netuitive StatsD agent what IP address to forward to.


    Tells the Netuitive StatsD agent what port to forward to. 8125 isthe default

  2. Install Linux Agent Docker Container

    Paste the command from 1.3 into your command line. Replace my-docker-host in the command with the name of the docker host. The command will install the agent and add your account’s unique API key to the configuration file.

    • Optional: Navigate to the Linux agent configuration file at /opt/netuitive-agent/conf/netuitive-agent.conf and add a metrics blacklist or whitelist under the [[NetuitiveDockerCollector]] section to reduce the number of metrics you receive.

    Regex Examples

    • Escape special regex characters . * / using a /. The following would match containers.*.blkio. metrics and exclude them from collection.

      metrics_blacklist = containers\..*\.blkio\..*

    • Match multiple containers between ( ) and separated by |. The following would match any of the following container IDs and exclude them from collection: abcdef123456, 123456abcdef, ghijkl789012.

      metrics_blacklist = containers\.(abcdef123456|123456abcdef|ghijkl789012)\..*