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Discovering NFS or SMB Conversation Entities

As conversations occur and are discovered by ProbeNAS, the metrics are captured and stored, and the NFS Conversation entities are named with an source:destination:filesystem convention. As with any other discovered entity, these entities can be customized with a Name and/or Description.

  1. Click Inventory and select NFS or SMB Conversation from the Conversations group.

  2. Select the NFS/SMB Conversation entity type.

    The list of conversations is displayed.

  3. Select an NFS or SMB conversation by clicking the row.

    The row is highlighted.

    You can display the properties of a conversation with the Show Properties menu item from the dropdown.

  4. Specify the information you choose in the Name and/or Description fields, and click Save.

    The revised information is now shown in the NFS Conversation or SMB Conversation list.