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Discovering FC Conversation Entities

As conversations occur and are discovered by ProbeFCs, the metrics are captured and stored, and the FC Conversation entities are named with an initiator:target:lun convention. As with any other discovered entity, these entities can be customized with a Name and Description.

  1. Click Inventory and select FC Conversation from the Conversations group.

    The FC Conversation Filter displays.

  2. Specify one or more filter criteria, and click the Apply button.

    At least one entity type must be specified to filter FC Conversations; if you specify multiple entity types, an AND filter is created. A search box is available for each type. The filtered FC Conversation list is displayed, in which the grayed-out discovered Name column is the combination of the Initiator, Target, and LUN columns. These columns can be sorted in ascending (default) or descending order.

  3. Select an FC Conversation by clicking the row.

    The row is highlighted. You can display the properties of a conversation with the Show Properties menu item. Properties of the Initiator, Target, and LUN are displayed.

  4. Click the Edit menu item.

    The FC Conversation page is displayed, showing the original discovered name of the conversation. Properties are also displayed, in a read-only area.

  5. Specify the information you choose in the Name and/or Description, fields, and click the Save button.

    The revised information in the newly-created conversation entity is now shown in the FC Conversation list, and the Name field is no longer grayed out.

    The revised detail information of the newly-created conversation entity is now shown on the edit page.