Diamond Agent

Diamond’s default HTTP Post Handler can be used to send Diamond data to CloudWisdom.


  1. Copy the unique API key from the Diamond integration into your account

    1. In CloudWisdom, navigate to Integrations.

    2. Click the Diamond card. Data collection should already be enabled, and a unique API key for your account has already been generated.

    3. Copy the API key.

  2. Install & Configure Diamond

    1. Download and install Diamond using the instructions found here.

    2. Open your diamond.conf file. It can usually be found in /etc/diamond/diamond.conf.

    3. Under [[HttpPostHandler]] in the [handlers], change the url setting to the following:

      ### Url to post the metrics
      url = http://api.us.cloudwisdom.virtana.com/diamond/API_KEY

      Substitute API_KEY for your unique API key. 4. Adjust the batch size to 256 for monitoring general server metrics.

    4. Save the diamond.conf file and restart Diamond.

This integration’s package will be automatically enabled and provisioned to your account as soon as CloudWisdom receives data from the integration. The PACKAGES button on the integration setup page will become active once data is received, so you’ll be able to disable and re-enable the package at will.