Determine a Setup Method

After completing the prerequisite tasks, you can set up your AWS Integration in Virtana Platform. AWS strongly recommends using IAM roles for installation. However, access keys are also supported for configurations that require keys, such as AWS GovCloud environments.

You need to determine which setup method to use. Virtana Platform supports two methods for configuring the integration with IAM roles. You can use a CloudFormation Script, which automates most of the steps. You can also use the manual IAM role method.

Review the AWS Security Best Practices for more information.

Use one of the following three methods to set up an AWS Integration in Virtana Platform:

  • CloudFormation Script for IAM Role

    Recommended: Simplest, quickest, least error-prone.

  • IAM Role Manual Method

    More time-consuming and error-prone than the script method.

  • Access Keys

    Required for GovCloud accounts.

After you determine which setup method to use, you need to collect information from the AWS Management Console and provide those values in the integration setup form in Virtana Platform.

flow diagram of basic setup between Virtana Platform and AWS