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Design Limits and Support

You can use WorkloadWisdom to retrieve, calculate, store, and display thousands of statistics every second per test port, while running a workload test that lasts for days.

However, you can overload WorkloadWisdom if there are too many concurrent workload tests or concurrent test ports running. You can also overload WorkloadWisdom if you simultaneously connect too many concurrent web browsers, as each browser connection consumes resources.

If different users have multiple web browsers and resolution sizes, the screen display experience can vary from one to another, and only a finite number of configurations can be supported and verified completely.

To achieve the best user experience possible, it is strongly recommended that you operate within the following system design limits:

  • 32 concurrent test ports, for example:

    • 1 concurrent 32-port test

    • 16 concurrent 2-port tests

    • 2 concurrent 16-port tests

  • 7 days maximum test duration

For test runs longer than 3 days, it is highly recommended to leave the Results Dashboard page open in your web browser, in the background. This allows WorkloadWisdom to perform summarization of data points in small increments, and minimizes the need for WorkloadWisdom to summarize days’ worth of data points at once, which can cause system performance degradation.

  • 4 concurrent users

Recommend 1 open tab per user, as each concurrently opened tab generates load on WorkloadWisdom.

  • Fibre Channel lab environment with up to 320,000 ITLs

  • Imported TDE workload file maximum size: 100MB

  • Supported browsers: Chrome and Safari

You can use WorkloadWisdom with any browser as WorkloadWisdom does not reject connections from unsupported browsers. However, you might experience UI issues with non-recommended browsers. Virtana might not be able to resolve UI issues with unsupported browsers.

  • Browser minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768

If your normal use case exceeds these specifications, contact Virtana Support.