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Description of Azure Cost vs Utilization Report

Use the Azure Cost vs Utilization (CvU) Report to analyze cost data across all of your consolidated or linked Azure subscriptions. This report provides a breakdown of your costs for Azure VM resources. The Azure CvU report is updated daily after initial setup.

This report is an ideal place to start your right-sizing planning because it allows you to quickly understand your infrastructure spend on an operational level.

You can access the Azure CvU report from Cloud Cost Management (CCM) > Cost vs Utilization > Azure VM Cost.

Azure VM Cost

. Summary

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Use this view to see the total cost of your environment and total contributions by category.

Left Axis

Always displays the total cost in US dollars.

Ensure your Azure accounts have the currency display set to US dollars (USD) in Microsoft Azure portal. See "Set the Currency Option in Azure" in Virtana Platform Administration.

Right Axis

Displays a cumulative percent contribution of each of the bars. The label changes based on the Utilization Metric and Metric Statistic Options selected in the report Settings.

Legend of Cost Categories

The cost categories displayed in the legend below the chart are reflected in the columns in the Cost Details table.

. Cost Details

See the Microsoft Azure website for descriptions of Azure products and pricing.

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Cost Details Table

This table shows the total costs incurred for all the instances for which CCM does calculations. Use this view to see the total cost of your environment and total contributions by category.

All cost categories are shown in this chart even if you have incurred no costs of a particular type.

You can use this view to determine the following:

Cost by the Group By Resource

The header in the first column of the table changes depending on the Group By selection in report Settings. (Examples: Entity Name, Location, Account, etc.) View the relative cost of the resources you grouped by and compare their level of utilization.

For example, view the total cost for each entity, as well as the cost per instance size, compute hours, and data transfer rate. You can also identify the instance type for each Group By resource and the maximum utilization by percentage, and so forth.


You can only choose Cumulative Daily Run Rate when the time range is set to Current Month.

When you select a Group Data by option of "Cumulative Daily Run Rate" the chart and table change to be grouped by day of the month, and the chart shows cumulative totals instead of daily totals. (Meaning day 3 shows totals for day 1 + day 2 + day 3).

Cost by Instance Size

View the maximum utilization for each entity based on the instance size. Sort the instance size column to see which entities have the lowest or highest cost per instance size.

CPU Utilization or Memory Utilization %

Compare the relative cost and utilization of your instances among their peers. Determine which entities have relatively high utilization and lower cost compared with entities that have lower utilization and higher costs.

The content of the graph and table columns in the report change depending on the Utilization Metric and Metric Statistic that are chosen.

Cost by Compute Hours

Displays the total cost for hourly instance fees (Compute Hours). Compute the hours by number of instances * VM Size * clock hours.

Data Transfer

Identify high data transfer rates that might be mitigated by changing instance size.

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