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Deploying the Virtual Edition OVA on VMware

IPM Virtual Edition is installed as a VMware Virtual Machine (VM) using the provided OVA file.

These instructions are intended for someone who knows how to deploy within VMware® vCenter™.

The IPM OVA is configured as per Required Resources. Detailed instructions for editing hardware settings are available online from VMware.

  1. Ensure that the host server has sufficient resources to support running the IPM VM.

    See Required Resources.Required Resources

  2. Deploy the OVA image as follows:

    • Accept the default CPU and memory allocations.

    • In Step 5 of vSphere's Deploy OVF Template wizard, Select Storage, of the Deploy OVF Template wizard, select a data store with sufficient space and performance. Choose a Thick Provision option or Thin Provision, depending upon your needs.

    • In Step 7 of vSphere's Deploy OVF Template wizard, Customize Template, enter values for the following configuration items:

      • Network IP Address if not using DHCP.

      • Network Netmask if not using DHCP.

      • Default Gateway if not using DHCP.

      • Hostname

    • Configure the network settings to connect the vNIC to the virtual switch with access to infrastructure to be monitored.