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Define Runtime Parameters

Select an applicable test bed from the drop-down menu for this Iteration Suite. The selected test bed will be used by the Iteration Suite for all Iterations.

Use iteration duration to define the time duration for each Iteration. The proper duration to use is highly dependent on the selected Workload. For example, if you selected a Workload that creates a huge number of files, then you will want to define a larger duration value. In most cases, a minimum of 30 seconds is recommended.

Use Delay Between Iterations to define a non-zero wait time between the end of the current Iteration and the beginning of the next Iteration. Generally, you want to do this to give the SUT some time to complete processing the closing of all connections from the current Iteration before the new connections are requested from the next Iteration.

Three options are available for Run Pre-Test: do not run, run once, or run all.

  • Do not run. Pre-Test is not run by the Iteration Suite at all

Use this option if the SUT has already been preconditioned (for FC/iSCSI), or has the required folders and files created (for SMB/NFS)

  • Run once. Pre-Test runs once when the Iteration Suite starts

Use this option if the SUT has not already been preconditioned, or does not have the required folders and files created, and you want to precondition the SUT or populate the required folders and files once before the first Iteration starts

  • Run all. Pre-Test runs prior to each Iteration.

Use this option if you want to precondition the SUT, or create the required folders and files, prior to the start of each Iteration

The Iteration Summary provides a read-only summary of the total number of Iterations that will run, and the approximate duration of the entire Iteration Suite.