Default Reports

Default reports for Cost Saving Opportunities, Bill Analysis, and Cost vs Utilization are automatically created and distributed by Optimize. All Optimize users will receive scheduled reports for each cloud service integration that is configured in Optimize. By default, all reports are sent daily at 12 AM, based on the server's defined UTC timezone. But you can change the frequency for emailing reports.

To receive default emails, the Optimize module must be enabled, an organization must be created, and at least one data source integration must be configured in Virtana Platform.

When new users are added to an Organization in the Optimize module, the users are automatically added to the recipient list for any default scheduled reports. The recipient list for emailed reports can be manually modified to add or delete users.

The options assigned to a Default report cannot be changed for that report, and the report cannot be deleted. However, you can make changes to the default settings and save them under a different report name.

In addition to being emailed to the user, reports are saved and viewable in the Optimize console. If an organization is deleted, the saved reports associated with the organization are also deleted.

When a user is removed from an organization, that user is also automatically removed from the recipient list for email reports.

For Cost Saving reports, scheduled emails are not sent if there are no idle resources or right-sizing recommendations. However, if there are right sizing recommendations, even if there are no savings for those recommendations, an email will be sent.

When you receive an emailed report, you can click View Full Report to open the report in Optimize so you can see further detail.