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Default Policy Settings

The Default Right Sizing Policy and Default Idle Resources Policy are automatically assigned to all entities in a data source when an organization is created in Cloud Cost Management (CCM) .

The default policies contain predefined parameter settings that impact the output of your reports. You can retain these initial settings or modify them. However, these default policies cannot be deleted.

Default policies are initially configured with the following predefined settings.

Default General Parameters

The General Policy Parameters for Idle Resources and Right Sizing Policies are the same, as indicated below.

  • Scope of Analysis

    The default policy includes all compute entities from all Cloud Service Providers. Create a custom policy to filter entities by data source, tag, and/or attribute.

  • Change Requests

    Target change management system: None

Default Idle Resources Policy


Default Idle Resources Constraints

  • AWS Resources

    Entity Type

    Report on idle after

    If monthly cost is greater than

    Unattached EBS

    0 day

    0 USD

    EBS on Stopped EC2

    0 days

    0 USD

    Unattached ELB

    0 day

    0 USD

    Unattached Elastic IP

    0 day

    0 USD

  • Azure Resources

    Entity Type

    Report on idle after

    If monthly cost is greater than

    Azure disk on stopped VM

    0 days

    0 USD

Default Right Sizing Policy

Default Basic Right Sizing Constraints


Recommendation Aggressiveness

  • Propose only savings greater than 0%

CPU & Memory Data Aggregation

  • Data Aggregation Method: 95th Percentile


  • Resize based on historical utilization

    Target CPU Utilization: 95%


  • Resize based on historical utilization

    Default memory utilization when diagnostic monitoring not enabled: 60%

    Target Memory Utilization: 95%

Default Instance Type Constraints

  • No constraint,

    No instance types are selected to include or exclude by default

Default Other Resource Constraints

Disk I/O

  • No constraint

    Peak IOPS cannot decrease

    Minimum peak IOPS: 0

    Azure-specific: Require Premium SSD Support

Network I/O

  • No constraint

    Network performance cannot decrease

    Minimum peak network performance (Gbps): 0

EC2 Entities

  • Tenancy: Shared

  • Term Type: No constraint

  • Graviton CPU: No Constraint

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