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Data Verification

Certain data content types support Data Verification, which instructs WorkloadWisdom to check for data integrity when reading the data from the system under test. In order for Data Verification to run, you must seed the system under test with a repeatable data pattern first, and then when you run the workload, you must have at least 1% Read operations, and must specify the same data pattern to be expected when reading. Any change to the written data on the system under test between seeding the data patterns and executing data verification may produce invalid results, including change in file system structure.


The following data content types support Data Verification:

  • Sequential

  • Seeded Random

If you are not sure whether the previously written data pattern on the system under test has changed, simply enable Pre-Test before you run the workload. This will ensure that the file system and the data patterns will be recreated before data verification is performed.