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Data Parameters

Data parameters specify the nature of the test data being created and whether it is compressible or reducible. To change the method, select the down arrow next to the current value.

The following types of data are available in the data parameter section:

  • Constant generates the same data pattern repeatedly.

  • Sequential generates a pattern of sequentially incrementing data.

  • Random generates a randomly created data pattern.

  • Seeded Random generates a randomly generated pattern that can be recreated. You can specify the seed to be used.

  • Data Reduction enables you to define two types of data reduction:

    • Compression generates a sequence of data pattern in which a certain percentage of the data pattern is non-compressible (random numbers) and the remaining percentage of the data pattern is compressible (all zeros).

    • Deduplication generates a sequence of data pattern that should yield a certain value of deduplication ratio. Refer to the explanation provided for each workload type that supports Deduplication, as the implementation varies.


Not all workloads support the deduplication setting of data reduction. For those that support it, the implementation varies due to the nature of different deduplication methods across different technologies. For example, data deduplication in block is often performed at the block level, and deduplication of files is often performed at the file level. The protocol specific parts of this section provide more information about the protocol’s deduplication design.