Customize Notification Payloads

Custom JSON payloads in CloudWisdom support FreeMarker writeup. This page contains a list of examples for you to reference when creating your own notification payloads for emails, SNS, and webhooks.

JSON Variables Available in CloudWisdom




The description of the event as a policy violation.


The ID of the event


The event category ( (Info), (Warning), or (Critical)).


The Fully Qualified Name (FQN) of the element.


The type of element (e.g., SERVER, ELB, EC2, RDS, etc.).


The type of element (e.g, SERVER, ELB, RUBY, etc.)


The location of the element.


The friendly name for the element.


The policy identification number.


The name of the policy.


The time (in UTC) the event occurred.


The description of the policy that generated the event.

Escaping JSON With Freemarker

Use the official FreeMarker documentation on escaping for an in-depth look on various escaping rules. Note that escaping does not work for ', only " and >. If you do not properly escape your FreeMarker, you may not receive notifications. Remember to test any custom payloads that you create.


  "icon": "",
  "activity": "CloudWisdom Alerts",
  "title": "${policyName}",
  "body": "Category: ${}\nElement: ${elementName}\nDescription: ${policyDescription?json_string}\nEventData: <#if><#if><#assign results =><#if results.conditions??><#list results.conditions as condition><#if condition?counter <= 5>${condition.expression}</#if></#list></#if></#if></#if>"