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Custom Properties and Groups

Custom properties are name-value pairs that you can create and assign to compute instances. Custom properties are created, modified, and viewed from the Inventory page in Workload Placement. You can assign custom properties to resources so you can create custom groupings of resources for migration. Resources that have custom properties associated with them form a custom group.


You can create custom properties with one or more values that can be assigned to compute instances. This allows you to filter the list of compute instances by specific property/value pairs.

For example, you might want to identify all compute instances that are associated with a development environment and others that are associated with operations. You can create a property called "Environment" and two values, "dev" and "prod". You can then filter by "Environment" and see all compute instances with the Environment tag, or you can filter by one or more values to further refine your output.

After the name-value pairs are created and saved, custom property names display in the navigation pane. However, to view any useful data, you must associate the custom properties with compute instances to create custom groups, and those groups must be analyzed from the Inventory page. After the custom groups are analyzed, you will then be able to access details about the custom groups from the List and Summary pages.


The UI pages and details provided for custom groups are similar to what is provided for applications.

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