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Custom Groups List Page

This page provides a list of related dependencies for each resource that has a specific custom property associated with it. Related dependencies can include move groups, VMs, physical servers, and applications. This information can assist in identifying all objects that will be impacted when moving different resources.

After you create a custom property from the Inventory page, the property name displays in the navigation pane, below Move Groups. The property name represents a custom group of resources assigned that property. As you assign resources to the group and calculate them, details about the calculated resources begin to show up in the Custom Property List and Analysis Summary.

The navigation pane and the page title reflect the name of the custom property. For example, if you tag resources with a custom property called Zone, then the navigation pane and page title will include the name Zone.

From "Custom Property Name" List (ex.: Zone List) you can:

  • View a list of all resources tagged with a specific custom property, listed by the property value.

    Each property value is associated with compute instances. So you might have a Zone property with the values ZoneEast and ZoneWest. Compute instances can be assigned to ZoneEast or ZoneWest and tagged with "Zone".

  • Access detailed information for each analyzed application.


Clicking the custom property value in the list opens detailed information about the selected value. The details include a Custom Property Dashboard, Client Dependencies, Server Dependencies, and Detailed Network Data tabs.

If a message displays stating that no custom property results are available, or if the list appears but one or more property values are not clickable, then you must calculate the resources from the Inventory page.


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