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Credential Sets

Credential sets define a common set of credentials (such as username and a password) for reuse by a single integration type. Creating credential sets is an optional part of an integration configuration.

Why Use Credential Sets?

Separating credentials from the configuration of specific devices provides for more efficient credential management. You can configure or edit credentials one time and apply them, rather than configuring or editing the same set of credentials for multiple hosts. You can also have one person create the credentials and a different person assign them.

Credential Set Creation

Credential sets are shared among all configurations of the integration type. For example, you can share the sets with all Solaris configurations, but you cannot share them between Solaris and Linux.

Before creating a credential set for an integration, you must have at least one device configured for that integration. You can create and assign a credential set during device configuration or afterward.

Credential sets can be created or modified directly from the UI, or you can import them in a CSV file. Credential sets can be added, edited, and removed from the Credential Sets tab, which is available from an integration's Configuration page. During host configuration, you can select to use either HTTP or HTTPS for communication. If using HTTPS, you need to provide a certificate file to upload.

When you save a configuration, the software verifies the new credential sets, checks for conflicts, ensures the selected host does not already have a credential set assigned, etc.

The name (Nickname) of the credential set must be unique. It is used as the key identifier when performing imports.

Modifying Credential Sets

Changes to any field, other than Nickname, in a credential set automatically and immediately take affect for all devices that reference the credential set.

If you change the name (Nickname) of a credential set, the change is not automatically populated to the devices using the credentials. You must manually update devices that reference the modified credentials.

You cannot delete or rename a credential set as long as it is being referenced by any integration device configuration. You must first remove the credential set from the devices that are using it.

If the host password is changed, the credential set must also be changed.

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