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Creating and Assigning Credential Sets

Creating credential sets is an optional part of an integration configuration. They allow you to more easily manage access to devices in your environment.

The credentials that are used to connect to a device are separated from the address or connection information. This allows a common set of credentials to be shared across devices. When the common set of credentials change, they only need to be updated once, and all devices using that credential set can take advantage of the new credentials.

About This Task

  • You must create at least one integration configuration before you can create credential sets for that integration.

  • You can assign a credential set to a device after you add the device to the integration configuration.


  1. Navigate to the integration Configuration page and select the Credential Sets tab.

  2. Click Add and complete the Nickname, Username, and Password fields.

    The Nickname is the key field used when importing CSV files for credential sets. It determines uniqueness for performing merge and update requests.

    You can add multiple credential sets at a time by using the option to Import a CSV file.

    See Using a CSV File for Configuration for details about using a configuration file.

  3. Click Save, and then click Save on the integration page.


    Clicking Save on the Add Credential Set page only adds the new configuration to the Credential Sets list. For the new credentials to persist, you must save the overall configuration.

  4. Click the Configuration tab and select the device to which you will assign a credential set.

  5. Click vw-icon-action-menu.png (Actions) for the device and select Edit.

    The Edit Device page opens.

    If you have multiple devices to which you are assigning a credential set, you can use the Bulk Edit or Import options.

  6. Select the credential set for the device and click Save.

    If you select "none" ( - ), the Username and Password fields are enabled.

    When you save the configuration, the software verifies the new credential sets, checks for conflicts, ensures the selected host does not already have a credential set assigned, etc.

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