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Creating a New Workload Test

  1. From the Home screen, choose Workload Models from Run Workload Tests section or Create Workload from Library from the new item menu.

  2. Select the workload model from the list of out-of-the-box models listed. To create a new workload based on that model, click Clone.

  3. A dialog box displays

    1. Enter a name for your workload

    2. Click Clone to complete the creation of your workload.

  4. A new workload is created from the library and added to your workloads list.

  5. You can hover over the buttons to identify their function. The following buttons are available:

    • Use Run Now, if activated, to run the workload immediately without further changes or reviews.


      Run Now is activated when it contains all required settings. If this is not activated for a workload, most likely it is because the workload does not have a Test Bed selected.

    • Use Start to load the Start page for the workload with the current settings, and optionally set runtime parameters for this Workload Test Run.

    • Use Edit 2019-11-14_08-18-48.png to edit the workload settings and customize it to your application values.

    • Use Generate Test Bed 2019-11-14_13-51-53.png to generate a test bed from the workload. See Test Beds.


      Generate Test Bed is not designed to create a fully complete test bed in all cases, especially when working with TDE workloads. The function is designed to serve as a template tool, to help you get started with creating a test bed from an existing workload. You need to complete defining the test bed.

    • Use Clone 2019-11-14_13-56-15.png to create a copy of the selected workload.

    • Use Export 2019-11-14_13-59-00.png to export the selected workload to a zip file that can be imported into any WorkloadWisdom instance running the same version.

    • Use Delete 2019-11-14_14-00-34.png to delete the selected workload.