Creating a New Discovery Instance

You must create at least one discovery instance to pull in metrics data for each integration.

You can choose to subscribe for metric collection, which is performed at the cluster level. So when you subscribe, you subscribe to obtain metrics from all nodes in the cluster. If you have insufficient licenses at the time of sub­scription then the subscription will fail to complete.

About This Task

After you configure and subscribe to the integration instance, VirtualWisdom adjusts the appropriate Wisdom Pack license count to reflect additional license consumption.


  • Ensure you have satisfied all of the Installation Prerequisites

  • If subscribing for metrics collection, you must have activated a sufficient number of Isilon Integration licenses to cover all nodes in the cluster being subscribed.

  • A Dell EMC Isilon REST API user and password must be configured and available.


  1. From the Settings page, click Integrations in the Probes and Integrations section.

  2. Click View for the licensed integration you want to configure.

    • If this is an initial configuration: You are directed to the New Integration page to configure the first integration.

    • If there are existing configurations: The Integration page opens, displaying a list of all existing licensed and unlicensed configurations.

  3. Complete the connection details so VirtualWisdom can collect metrics from the device.

    • Enter the device hostname or IP address.

      It is recommend that you use a smart‐connect DNS name instead of an IP address to provide fault‐tolerance and load balancing to the integration. Otherwise, if the node for the given IP goes down the integration will be unable to collect any data.

    • Optional: Enter the IP port number.

      Default is 8443

    • Enter a username and password for device access.

    • Optional: Select an SSL certificate.

      If the SSL certificate on the Isilon node cannot be validated through the normal Java certificate path, then the public certificate for the Isilon system must be uploaded.

  4. Click Next.

    The integration performs a quick discovery to verify the user permissions, to identify statistics generation frequency, and to list the identified nodes. The Configuration tab displays.

    The Licenses Used field displays zero (0) until the systems are subscribed.

  5. Ensure that the Subscription status is Subscribed to collect metrics.

  6. Select a Metrics Polling Interval.

    A polling interval less than or equal to 5 minutes is recommended.

  7. Check the Enable Shares/Quotas if desired and the NFS, SMB, and Quota permissions are granted.

  8. Optional: Enable scheduled discovery and select the discovery Frequency and Start Time.

    A nightly discovery once a day is recommended, because the properties fields on the entities, as well as new nodes and ports and state changes to ports, power supplies, etc. are only updated during discovery.

  9. Click the Isilon Nodes tab and verify the nodes that were found in your environment.

  10. Click Start Discovery if you want to start a discovery immediately.

    You can start discovery now, or wait to start at a later time.

    When discovery starts, status information displays under Collection Status on the Configuration page.