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Create or Edit Report Filters

Report filters are created by users from within the Virtana Platform console. These filters allow you to assign include or exclude filters, by tags or attributes, to one or more data sources. The filters are globally available across Cloud Cost Management (CCM). Saved report filters are also persistent across pages.

About This Task

To create a report filter, you must modify and save an existing filter. You can start with the default All Cloud Entities report filter, or select another user-defined report filter.


You should be familiar with the use of tags and attributes in CCM before creating or editing report filters.

See Filtering in Virtana Platform and Filtering and Grouping Options for more information.


  1. Log in to Virtana Platform, access the CCM module, and navigate to any page.

  2. Select a report Filter and click Edit.

    You can use the default All Cloud Entities filter or any user-defined filter.

  3. On the filter configuration form, select one or more data sources.

    You can combine data sources from different cloud provider integrations.

    When you select a primary data source, any linked child resources are also included.

  4. Select the tags or attributes to be included or excluded.


    If you are modifying a filter and that filter is used by any scheduled reports, a notice appears at the bottom of the form, so you are aware that any changes will affect those reports.

  5. Click Apply and close the form.

    Note that the filter name now displays with (Modified) after it.

  6. Click the filter Save icon and select Save as a New Filter or Update This Filter.

    Be careful not to modify someone else's report filter.

    After saving, the new report filter displays in the Filter field and can be accessed from any report filter field in CCM.

  7. To edit the name of the report filter (the edit icon) or to delete a filter (vp-icon-trash.png), click the Filter dropdown and hover over the report name to see the relevant icons.