Create Linked Accounts

You can link multiple AWS accounts to one AWS integration. These accounts can be either management accounts or member accounts. When linked, the first account you create becomes the "parent" account to the "children".

Linking multiple accounts simplifies your setup process and grants the linked accounts access to the latest cost and right sizing reports.

About This Task

Only the first account assigned to an AWS Integration has the ability to send performance metrics to Optimize. Linked accounts, which are associated with your integration's primary account, collect only cost and right sizing data. To send performance data, create a separate AWS Integration.


Authentication information (IAM Role or Access Key) must be available for each linked account.

If an IAM role has not yet been created for the linked account, follow the instructions to create an IAM role.Create an IAM Read-Only Role Manually


  1. In Optimize, navigate to Settings > Cloud Provider Integrations.

  2. On the Cloud Provider Integrations page, either select an existing integration instance in the list or click Add Integration and select an integration type.

  3. Under Linked Accounts, click Add AWS Account.

  4. Select either an IAM Role or an Access Key account type.

  5. Enter the required information.

    • For an IAM Role account, enter the values for the Name and IAM Role ARN fields.

    • For an Access Key account, enter the values for the Name, AWS Access Key ID, and AWS Secret Access Key fields.

  6. Click Save.