Create Cost and Usage Reports in AWS

You must configure a Cost and Usage Report (CUR) in AWS prior to configuring the AWS integration. This is required for all AWS integration configurations.

CURs publish your AWS billing reports once a day in CSV format to an S3 bucket that you own. Virtana Platform Optimize uses these reports to analyze your resource costs and right-sizing needs. (Cost and Usage Reports replaced Detailed Billing in AWS.)

About This Task

If you already have a Cost and Usage Report that is properly configured with hourly billing, ZIP or GZIP compression, and CSV file format for billing, then you can skip this task. However, if the CUR is not properly configured, Optimize cannot interact correctly with AWS.


  • Enable Cost and Usage Reports in AWS

    1. Log in to your AWS Console for your management account.

    2. Navigate to Billing > Cost & Usage Reports.

    3. Click Create report.

    4. Name the report.

      Example: HourlyCSVWithResourceIDs

    5. Enable the Include resource IDs checkbox and click Next.

    6. Click Configure to choose (or create) an S3 bucket to store your files.

    7. Provide a Report path prefix.

      Example: CostAndUsageReports

      Do not include any leading or trailing forward slashes; doing so may distort the file hierarchy output by AWS.

    8. Select Hourly under Time granularity.

    9. Select your preferred Report versioning method.

      Overwriting the existing report may save on your storage costs in the future.

    10. Leave all data integration options unchecked.

    11. Select ZIP or GZIP for Compression type. then select Next.

    12. Review your configurations and then select Review and Complete to create the Cost and Usage Report.


    It can take up to a few hours for data to populate in the S3 bucket.

    After creating your IAM role, wait 2-5 minutes for AWS to finalize its creation before proceeding to the next steps. This ensures the new role has the correct S3 access permissions when added to Virtana Platform.