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Create an Application


After you import and verify the content of your archive file, you should assess the relationships of the compute instances and applications in the project. You can create new applications or modify existing ones from the Inventory page.

Applications provide a way to associate compute instances in a single object. This can help with identifying relationships and interdependencies between compute instances.

The goal in creating an application is to group all compute instances required for a given software application or corporate service, plus associated IP addresses, network connections, etc.

For example, you might want to ensure that the node that contains Human Resources software is grouped with the storage that contains the HR employee database. In addition, you want to include all objects and information related to communication between the software and the database.

About This Task

  • A compute instance can only belong to one application. If you select a compute instance that is already associated with an application and add that compute instance to another application, the compute instance will automatically be removed from the original application.

  • Dependency mapping can only be done using IP addresses, not object names. If any compute instances are missing IP addresses, contact Virtana Support at


  1. Navigate to the Inventory page.

  2. Click vp-icon-create.pdf in the Applications column, enter a name for the application and click Create.

    The new application displays in the table.

    You can create multiple applications at one time by entering a comma-separated list or by pressing Enter after each name. Enter them individually or paste them in bulk.

  3. To move compute instances into the application, do one of the following:

    • To move one item, click and hold on vp-icon-drag-drop.png next to any compute instance you want to add, and then drag and drop it in the application.

    • To move two or more items, select the checkbox next to each compute instance you want to move, click and hold on vp-icon-drag-drop.png next to any selected object, and then drag and drop the objects into the application.

      When you grab the vp-icon-drag-drop.png, a tootip displays the name or number of items you are moving, so you can verify them.


    You can also right-click and select either "Copy to Application" or "Move to Application".

  4. To remove compute instances from applications, right-click, and select Remove from Application.

  5. Click Save.

    You must save before calculating dependencies.

    There is an option to Undo Changes.


    Clicking Undo Changes deletes all changes made since the last save.

  6. Navigate to Applications > Application List to verify that the application was added.

  7. Return to the Inventory page to calculate dependencies.

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