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Create a Project


Projects are created from the data extracted from (formerly VirtualWisdom) and prepared for migration. To create a project in Virtana Platform, you must upload the archive file, in Zip format, that is provided from IPM.

The archive file incorporates information about a user-defined set of compute instances and applications. The file includes information such as VMware inventory and metrics, NetFlow conversations, applications from the CMDB, among other data.

drawing of the migration process for identifying applications and dependencies

After you import the contents of the archive file, you then use that information to create migration scenarios.


After a project is created, it cannot be moved to another organization. Be sure you have carefully planned the relationships of organizations and projects prior to importing project data.

About This Task

  • During file upload, the data is also initially processed. Uploading and processing project files can take several minutes to hours, depending on the size of the file and complexity of the data.

  • For information about navigating the Virtana UI, see Navigating the Workload Placement UI.


  • Project archive files are provided by Virtana Services and must be in a Zip (.zip) compressed file format.


  1. Navigate to the Cloud Migration Projects page.

  2. If appropriate, select the organization under which the project is to be created.

    Enterprise accounts include the option of creating multiple organizations.

    screenshot showing organization selector in title bar
  3. Click New Project, enter the project name and version, and select an archive file to upload.

    The 2-level naming (project/version) allows you to upload multiple archive files for a single project. The combination of project name and version must be unique. For example, you can have projects named ExampleCo/dev and ExampleCo/finance.

    Project archive files are provided by Virtana Services and must be in a Zip (.zip) compressed file format.

  4. Click Create Project.

    A card appears on the Cloud Migration Projects page, displaying the project name and upload status.

    When the upload completes, Virtana Platform begins processing the data, as indicated by a blue spinner on the card. When processing is complete, a green checkmark appears next to Environment Overview.

    If a red checkmark appears, contact Virtana Support.

  5. Calculate all new applications by clicking the checkbox above the application list (to select all) and clicking Calculate All Apps.

  6. To delete a project, on the Cloud Migration Projects page click vp-icon-actions.png for the project and select Delete.


    This action cannot be undone. If you decide to recreate this project later, you will need to upload the same or a new project file to Workload Placement.

Next Task

Verify the project import

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