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Create a Cost and Usage Report in Azure

In order to enable cost data collection for Azure, the following parameters are needed for the integration.

  1. In Virtana Platform, navigate to Settings>Integrations>Cloud Providers and open the integration configuration that contains the Azure Integration

  2. Fill out the following 2 parameters

    1. Export Job Name. This field is used to read the Export Job output. To configure the export job use one of the options below:


      If you want to create the Export Job yourself Refer to Manually creating an Export Job



      If you have already created an Export Job Refer to Using an Existing Export Job

    2. Region. This field is used to store the Export Job report data. This can be any cost effective region in your environment. If you have chosen to manually create the Export Job, please pick up the region from the export job configuration. This can be copied from CostManagement -> Exports -> Export Job Configuration -> Storage Account Details-> Location


      The Region value should be the region name and not the label



Before saving the cloud integration for Azure make sure that the permissions are assigned. Without this configuration, the Azure data collection will not begin. Refer Assigning Roles for collecting Cost data from the Export Job