Create a Cost Analysis Report

Cost Analysis allows you to compare costs between various CSPs. You can also compare those costs against your current on-premise costs.

Calculations are run against the resources in a move group. After you select the move group to assess, you can then select various parameters to apply to the calculations. The generated report can be downloaded.


The results of running a Cost Analysis report are not persistent. Navigating away and returning to the Cost Analysis tab results in the calculation starting over.

About This Task

Cost Analysis output displays a list of any VMs that are excluded from the cost analysis calculations. These are VMs that could not provide the information needed for analysis. There are a number of reasons why VMs fail cost data validation, such as blank columns or bad data format in the data file, a referenced host that does not exist, duplicated VMs, etc. If you want to include any of the excluded compute instances, you need to determine the reason the VM was excluded, correct the issue, then collect data and upload the new file to Virtana Platform.


The resources you plan to move to the cloud must be organized into move groups before a cost analysis can be generated.


Watch the video or read the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Move Groups > Move Group List and click on a move group name in the list.

  2. Click the Cost Analysis tab and then click Run Cost Analysis.

    It takes a while to display the initial results. Do not navigate away from this tab or the calculations will start over when you return.

    These results are based on the existing configuration for your on-premises resources.

  3. Optional: Under Target Cloud Parameters, select your preferred parameters and click Update.

    The display changes to reflect calculations that include your selected parameters.

  4. Review the results listed under Right Sized Costs Summary and make any necessary modifications to the parameters.

  5. Review the results under Estimated Cloud Monthly Costs and make any necessary modifications to the parameters.

    From within the list you can modify the Cloud Datacenter location and the license Mapping Option for any item.

  6. Click View Cost Details for any listed CSP.

    Cloud cost details display.

  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create Cloud Report.

  8. Click Export Report at the top or bottom of the report if you want to download a copy.

    The export includes a spreadsheet file and a PDF file with graphs.

  9. To return to the cloud comparison options, click a breadcrumb above the Summary section or click Back to All Cloud Options at the bottom of the report.

    Report results are not persistent, so if you click away from the Cost Analysis tab, the entire report will have to be run again.



Your online report should look similar to the following: