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Create a Change Request


You can create a change request from the Cost Saving Opportunities page. Change requests can be submitted to ServiceNow or Jira for both idle resource and right-sizing recommendations.

About This Task

You can create a single request, multiple requests, or requests for all Cloud Cost Management (CCM) recommendations at one time.

The change request button only displays when a valid recommendation is available.


You must have ServiceNow or Jira added as an integration in Virtana Platform.

A data source must be configured in Virtana Platform.


  1. Navigate to the Cost Saving Opportunities page and select either the Idle Resources or the Right Sizing tab.

    The Recommendation Details table displays proposed changes. Any row with a recommended change displays a Create button in the Change Request column. If a request is already submitted, a request number displays.

  2. Do one of the following:

    1. To initiate creation of a single change request:

      Scroll to the Change Request column and click Create in any row.


      Alternatively, you can create a change request by expanding the content of any row in the Details table and clicking the Create button that displays.

    2. To initiate creation of multiple change requests:

      Check the boxes for the entities in the table for which you want to create change requests.

      Click Actions > Create change request for selected entities.

    3. To initiate creation of change requests for all recommendations at once:

      Click Actions > Create all change requests.

    A message displays, verifying that you want to create one or more requests in your service management application and for which entities.

  3. Click Create Change Request in the message.

    When the request is submitted to the service manager, the number assigned to the request displays in the table.

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