Cost vs Utilization Reports

Cost vs Utilization (CvU) reports provide per-instance visibility into cloud spend and utilization, updated daily. These reports enable you to easily identify expensive instances and compare them against utilization, type, entities, tags, and data transfer rates. These multi-dimensional reports also break down information like total versus individual instance costs or the cost for each AWS instance state (Reserved, On-Demand) or Azure instance size.

You can customize reports to provide the information you need. Use custom tagging to group your instances. and use filters to find resources with spend that meets certain conditions. Create reports to get data for charge-back billing, to identify data transfer costs per entity, to determine which resources might be underutilized and can be hibernated, right-sized, or eliminated, etc. You can then email the reports to appropriate recipients.

CvU Reports are generated daily by default. Frequency of report generation cannot currently be modified.


Virtana Platform reports display currency only in US dollars (USD. To accurately reflect costs, ensure your data sources have the currency display set to US dollars in the AWS or Azure portal.


The default CvU report displays a bar graph that shows the total costs incurred for the AWS or Azure instances monitored by Optimize. Use this view to see the total cost of your environment and total contributions by category. The left-hand axis shows cumulative cost in US dollars. The right-hand axis shows a cumulative percent contribution for CPU or memory utilization. The bars in the graph represent US dollars and the black dots represent the utilization percentage.

You can modify this view by applying a different report filter, by editing the report Settings, and by changing the time range. You can also display the top 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, or 400 results or all results.

Cost Details

You can see further details about your instances by reviewing the contents of the Cost Details table.

This table shows the total costs incurred for all the instances for which Optimize does calculations. Use this view to see the total cost of your environment and total contributions by category.

All cost categories are shown in this chart even if you have incurred no costs of a particular type.

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