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Cost Saving Opportunities Reports

The Cost Saving Opportunities page provides reports with recommendations to reduce costs in your cloud environment. There are two basic recommendations: one for idle resources and one for right sizing.

Default reports are generated when a new account (instance) is added in Cloud Cost Management (CCM) and emailed to the user who set up the instance. Afterward, the reports are automatically generated weekly. These reports are emailed to anyone who is a member of the organization that is associated with the instance.


Sometimes the settings for a report do not apply to any resources in your environment. When that happens, the report will be empty, displaying no results. If the report is set up for email, a report might not be sent.

The Idle Resources report identifies cloud resources that are either no longer attached to an instance, or are attached to a stopped instance. Although the resources are not being used, you are still being charged for them, so having a view into those idle resources can save on your cloud spend. The Idle Resources report provides information to assist in determining if the resource should be removed, reassigned, etc. Idle resources are recalculated daily.

The Right Sizing report includes a high-level dashboard overview of potential cost savings. It also provides a table that lists details about recommended savings. This report can help you identify underutilized instances and determine which alternative instance types might reduce unnecessary expense. Right-sizing recommendations are recalculated weekly.

Some parameters for the Idle Resources and Right Sizing reports can be modified by assigning policies to a data source.


Virtana Platform reports display currency only in US dollars (USD}. To accurately reflect costs, ensure your data sources have the currency display set to US dollars in the AWS or Azure portal. For Azure, see Set the Currency Option in Azure to USD.

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