Cost Saving Opportunities Page

Cost Saving Opportunities provides an easily scannable overview of potential savings on your cloud spend.

Some things you can do with Cost Saving Opportunities reports:

  • View a summary of potential cost savings on a dashboard

  • identify Idle Resources that might be removed or reassigned

  • Determine which resources are being under- or over-utilized and might be resized to potentially improve performance or reduce costs

  • Track short and long-term spending trends with the period comparison view

  • Compare the cost of a certain service in relation to your whole services portfolio with the stacked view

From the Cost Saving Opportunities page you perform the following actions:

  • Create, edit, and save Cost Saving Opportunities report settings

  • View report data in graphical or tabular form

  • Edit and save report filters

  • Edit and save Idle Resources and Right Sizing policies

  • Schedule CSO reports for emailing

Overview Dashboard

The Cost Saving dashboard offers a high-level view of your environment.


If your cloud environment is optimized and no right-sizing recommendations are available, then the Right Sizing card displays the word Optimized, with a green checkmark.


Right-sizing savings might differ from week to week because of different workloads on the selected entities.

Idle Resources

The default Idle Resources report displays a list of all unattached resources, as well as resources attached to stopped cloud instances. The resources are sorted by monthly cost (highest to lowest). The report displays an image of the resources at the point in time the report was run.

The report can be sorted by any field. Click on the column header to sort by the field in ascending or descending order.

To view further details about any entity in the table, open the accordion for that entity.


The Policy column in the Idle Resources table indicates if a policy is associated with a compute instance. Clicking the policy icon vp-icon-policy.png opens the policy configuration, from which you can view the policy settings. You can add optional constraints to define idle resources and set thresholds for reporing.


Right Sizing

Each recommendation found in your Right Sizing report compares the attributes and utilization of an instance against the most currently available SKU library to determine what combination of CSP features would best suit your existing workload needs.

Rows in the Recommendations table are highlighted in gray to indicate that no active recommendations are available for those entities. If there are no active recommendations, it is because some constraints assigned in the policy are not met for the indicated entities.

For example, in the following image, the right sizing policy constraint for Recommendation Aggressiveness is set to Propose only savings greater than 50%. Therefore, the entities with savings less than 50% are highlighted in gray and have no active recommendations.

Image of right-sizing recommendations table

Some additional constraints, that cannot be modified, are implemented by default on all right-sizing calculations. For example, right-sizing recommendations assume that the region configured by the user should not change, so recommendations will be kept within the existing assigned regions. Neither does right-sizing address preinstalled licensing, such as a pay-as-you-go Windows license, so license considerations are not included in recommendations.

You can see more detail about a specific compute instance by expanding the accordion in the table.

Image of right-sizing table with row expanded

The Policy column in the Right Sizing table indicates if a policy is associated with a compute instance. Clicking the policy icon vp-icon-policy.png opens the policy configuration, from which you can view the policy settings.

Using policies, you can add optional constraints (such as CPU utilization not exceeding a particular level) to guide the recommendation results and discover other use-case driven savings opportunities.


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