Cost Saving Dashboard

When determining if changes should be made to your environment, a good place to start is the Cost Saving Dashboard. This quick-view dashboard provides a simple overview of potential savings.

The cost savings displayed in the dashboard are a comparison of costs for the current month versus the previous month.

For AWS, idle esource recommendations are generated for EC2 compute instances, unattached storage blocks, load balancers, elastic IP addresses, and storage blocks attached to a stopped EC2 instance.

For Azure, idle resource recommendations are generated for disk resources attached to a stopped VM.

For right sizing, recommendations are provided for AWS EC2 instances and Azure VMs.

  • Current Cost gives you a comparison of the current month's and previous month's overall cost in US dollars. Also indicates the percentage that costs have increased or decreased. A red "up" arrow indicates increased costs and a green "down" arrow indicates decreased costs.

  • Idle Resources displays in US Dollars how much you can save per month by eliminating unused cloud resources, along with the percentage of increase or decrease compared to last month.

  • Right Sizing indicates the monthly cost savings in US dollars that would result from modifying your resources per the recommendations, along with the percentage of increase or decrease compared to last month.

  • Total Savings Available reflects the combined monthly savings in US dollars that could be achieved by eliminating idle resources and implementing right sizing recommendations.