Cost Analysis Parameter Descriptions

Cost Analysis allows you to try out various "what-if" scenarios by changing the parameters of the analysis.

You can select from among the following target cloud parameters to refine the cloud cost comparison:

  • Region: Select from various international regions, including US-Gov.

    Cloud costs vary by region.

    For better performance, select regions closest to users or customers.

  • Mapping Option: Select one of the following:

    License included:

    • Calculations will include cost of a license.

    • Purchasing a license through a CSP results in less management overhead and allows for auto-scaling.

    • Recommended for varying infrastructure.

    BYOL (bring your own license):

    • Calculations will not include cost of a license.

    • Provides potential savings by reusing existing licenses.

    • Recommended for slowly varying core infrastructure.

  • Uptime:

    Currently, only Use 100% should be selected. The functionality associated with Use Current (Avg 100%) is not yet implemented. Use 100% indicates that the results assume 100% uptime for the VMs being analyzed.

    Use 100%: Calculations assume continuous use of resources.

    Use Current (Avg. 100%): This functionality is not currently implemented.

  • Change headroom for right-sized VMs:

    CPU & Memory: Provide an additional percentage of current capacity to handle usage spikes.