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Content of SNMP Sources Pages

The column in the SNMP Sources table are defined as follows:

Table 31. SNMP Sources Table Fields



Switch Name

Auto-detected name of the switch.

Port Count

Active port count.


Discovered, Configured, Subscribed.


User with permissions on that switch

IP Address

IP address of the switch

Last Metrics Collection

Date and time of last metrics collection, Collecting metrics for metrics collection in progress, metrics collection failed, or no collection for no collection.

You are notified if an Integration fails to collect metrics for two hours. The notification takes the form of a IPM Health Notification as well as an email notification.

Metrics Polling Interval

Metrics polling interval set for the switch.


Configuration or subscription errors. Mousing over an error displays a tooltip containing the error text.

From the SNMP Sources page, you can perform the following actions on the switches listed in the table: Add, Configure, Unconfigure, Subscribe, Unsubscribe, and Test Connection.