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Inventory Table

Table 36. Integrations Inventory Fields

Column Heading



User-defined name for the integration, often the IP address or the type of integration.


Unsubscribed or Subscribed.

For Brocade SAN Integration only, if subscribed, shows a ratio of the number of configured switches that are subscribed/the total number of configured switches. For example, 1/5 means that one configured switch is subscribed, out of 5 possible configured switches.

Last Discovery

Date and time that the integration was last discovered, discovering or currently discovering, no discovery, discovery failed, or warned. For Discovery failed or Discovery warned, you can hover over the cell to view the error or warning as a tooltip.

Last Metrics Collection

Date and time of last metrics collection, Collecting metrics for metrics collection in progress, Metrics collection failed for failed metrics collection, followed by a ratio of the number of failed subscribed switches to total subscribed switches, no collection for no metrics collection, or Warned followed by a timestamp and with no ratio, for a warning. For both failures and warnings, there is no mouse-over tool tip and the user has to drill down and see the failures /warnings in the switch grid.

You are notified if an integration fails to collect metrics for two hours. The notification takes the form of a IPM Health Notification as well as an email notification.

At the end of each row is a down arrow, which, if you click it, provides a short cut to Configure, Test Connection, Start Discovery, or Delete the integration in the associated row.

License Summary Table

The License Summary button displays information on the total number of purchased, used, and remaining licenses.

Table 37. License Summary Fields



Switch Ports

Number of switch port licenses: Total, used, and remaining

Wire Data Link Credit

Number of wire data link credit licenses: Total, used, and remaining

Switch Ports in the Brocade SAN License Summary dialog relates to the number of switch ports that are licensed, even though subscription is done at the switch level. Related to Brocade SAN Integration.