Configuring VirtualWisdom Virtual Edition

After deploying the VirtualWisdom OVA(s), you must configure the network setup, then you must complete the Configuration Checklist to take advantage of all of VirtualWisdom’s features.

You have three options for configuring the network setup, which includes the network IP address, netmask and gateway, the DNS servers and domains, and the NTP servers for the virtual machine (VM). The remainder of the configuration tasks must be completed in the VirtualWisdom UI by an administrator with the vw-admin role assigned.

The following tasks describe the three ways you can configure VirtualWisdom, Virtual Edition properties:

After configuring the network properties, there are tasks you need to complete in the Configuration Checklist, depending on your environmental requirements and the VirtualWisdom functionalities you want to use.

See Completing the Configuration Checklist.